Out In Pioneertown

Out In Pioneertown RCA Record label

Out In Pioneertown RCA Record label

“Out in Pioneertown”
Performed by The Sons of the Pioneers
Released on RCA Victor in October of 1947

Out In Pioneertown Decca record iabel image

“Out in Pioneertown”
Performed by Milton Estes & the Musical Millers
Released on Decca records in Mar 1948.

“Out in Pioneertown” composed by Tim Spencer

Before we go to see the parson, let me warn ya
Before we say to the preacher man “I Do”
There’s a western wonderland in California, I’m a fixin’ to take my baby to.
We’ll build a little home where we can settle down, Out In Pioneertown
A peaceful hide-a-way to spend a lazy day, Out In Pioneertown
Where sage in bloom and pine trees meet the waterfall, Where the mountains meet the sky
Through the pines and desert flowers we’ll while away the hours
When we settle down Out In Pioneertown

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"Out In Pioneertown" sheet music