The above map shows its relation to Palm Springs.

PIONEERTOWN —Not so far from Palm Springs is Pioneertown, a replica of the Old West, with its Main street and 49-er architecture. The above map shows its relation to Palm Springs.

A new road to Pioneertown, the final phase of a scenic highway which brings Bear Valley about 55 miles from Palm Springs is now open. Pioneertown, the new old west town in the San Bernardino mountains, is only 30 miles from the Village by way of Indian avenue and a panoramic scenic road.

Pioneertown is a California corporation and has a well-planned program which is now underway.

THE OLD WEST will be the theme of the spot with its Main street, 1849 architectural design, and atmosphere of the old days. All the natural scenery used in filming western stories will be available and motion picture companies are already planning to make use of its facilities. Long riding trails, a rodeo ground, a lake for boating and fishing and a large natural amphitheater where the Messiah will be presented annually, are in prospect.

THERE WILL BE a stagecoach rides, hitching posts before the stores, boardwalks, the old water trough in the center of the square and a “saloon” of the old western type. An addition for home sites of one and one-quarter acres, each with roads, water and fire plugs every thousand feet is open now as Pioneertown’s developers say it is an all-year around town at an elevation of 4,000 feet. A man of Rood will does not come to the conference table with a loaded revolver in his, pocket and an atomic bomb behind his back.—C. C. Hurd. Allegheny college dean.