Pioneertown Welcomes Visitors

A few things you should know…

Pioneertown is not a state park or a private amusement park. Pioneertown is a community, a real town; people live here. The community welcomes visitors to come and enjoy the fresh air and beauty as well as the great food, entertainment and shop at the arts and craft shops.

Overnight Stays

If you want to check out the night skies or enjoy a quiet weekend get-a-way, The Pioneertown Motel ( has beautiful newly renovated rooms, and for those who are looking to take their horse on an adventure, or camp out under the stars, the Pioneertown Corrals & Campground ( is the place for you. Both offers a great chance to stay with us a few days.

The Pioneertown Mountains Preserve

Pioneertown is surrounded by a wonderful Wildlife Preserve.  The Pioneertown Mountains Preserve Rangers have scheduled Ranger-led hikes. Check out the Wildlife Preserve website for current information.
The Pioneertown Mountain Conservancy also provides this Hiking Map. Please be safe and check in at the Ranger Station before hiking without a guide.

Pappy & Harriets Pioneertown Palace

If you are looking for great food and some amazing musical entertainment spend some time at Pappy & Harriets. ( Pappy & Harriets was voted #13 on the list of top 100 live music venues the the U.S. for 2016 by Consequence of Sound

A Few Simple Rules

Respect the Nature and the Community

People live here. Not everyone wants people walking through their property, please keep that in mind while strolling or riding around the community. Pioneertown has dirt roads. Dirt roads create a lot of dust, please drive slowly on the dirt road to help keep the dust down and protect the wildlife that roams our streets. Please don’t litter or leave trash behind.

Outdoor Fires – No open fires are permitted.

Pioneertown is in a wilderness area where open outdoor fires are not allowed by law. Wildfires have almost wiped out the Pioneertown several times. For more information on burning, visit the CAL FIRE website at

Avoid Light Pollution.

The residents of much of the mountain and desert areas of San Bernardino County, California currently enjoy a beautiful dark, star-filled night sky and a view of the Milky Way, unlike the residents of the more populated valley areas of the county. Help the Pioneertown community maintain these wonderful night skies by minimizing outdoor lights. And never leave outside lights on when no one is present.

Quiet Environment

One of the main reasons people come to Pioneertown is the peaceful beauty of the quiet. Pioneertown sits in a valley which keeps outside noise away. However, the same valley causes sound to echo. Please help keep the peace and quiet by not having loud outdoor parties in the evening.

Guns and Hunting

It may seem like the Wild West here, But it is a residential community surrounded by a controlled wildlife preserve. Unless you are an actor in reenactment shooting blanks, shooting firearms and hunting are illegal. If you enjoy shooting we recommend a great shooting range not far from Pioneertown where you can safely enjoy shooting.

8046 Yucca Park Rd, Morongo Valley, CA 92256